What are the consequences?  Can I go to jail?  Providing Alcohol to a Minor in North Carolina 

Even if you did not mean to, these can be serious charges in North Carolina – John Fanney 




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Modified Transcript of “Providing Alcohol to a Minor” for the Hearing Impaired

I’m John Fanney with Fanney Law Office, and I’ve got a question here from offline. First, I want to tell you it’s not a client. These are just questions I come across the internet quite often, and I thought I’d take an opportunity to try to answer some of these questions for you.

First question is I got charged with providing alcohol to a minor. I didn’t really buy the alcoholfor the minor. It’s my brother and we were at a show together. I just gave him my drink to hold it for a minute. Is that really a serious charge?

Well, what I’d like to tell you is providing alcohol to a minor can be a very serious charge and it doesn’t really matter if you intended to give the alcohol to the person. It could be something just as innocuous as, “Here, will you hold this drink for me for a second?”

In North Carolina, being charged with possession of alcohol is a serious offense and it can be that simple. Just holding the drink for someone can get you a charge for possession of alcohol underage if in fact you’re under the age of 21.

It can also get that person who’s over 21 charged with a crime of providing alcohol to a minor. These are serious offenses. They are misdemeanors. They go in your permanent record. They can affect your future, your job, your ability to get into graduate schools, your ability to start careers.

At Fanney Law Office, we have over 25 years of dealing with tickets just like this. We know the court system. We know the people involved in the court system and we know the right moves to make to help you avoid a conviction for this charge. Please give me a call at Fanney Law Office. I’m here and I’m happy to help.

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