Are there defenses to criminal charges?

Are there defenses to criminal charges?

  • What are some strategies in criminal cases?
  • Can I defend myself?
  • What can I do to protect myself?
  • How do you prepare a defense in NC Criminal charges?

Preparation in key to defending a criminal case in North Carolina.  We take our time to review the facts, law, and create a strategy to protect your legal rights – John Fanney

If you are charged with a Raleigh criminal case it’s important to talk to a defense lawyer immediately.  The key to defending criminal charges is preparation.  It’s important to begin your defense by collecting information, reviewing materials, and making sure to gather important defense evidence as soon as possible.

We don’t like to wait to collect important documents in your criminal defense case.  It just doesn’t make sense to wait.  We want to talk to important witnesses that could be called to testify in your defense at a criminal trial.  We may need to issue subpoenas.  At the Fanney Law Firm criminal defense starts with “CDP”

  • Collect
  • Document
  • Preserve

If you are facing criminal charges in Raleigh NC it doesn’t matter if they involve DUI-DWI, murder, assault and battery or anything else, good information makes for better decisions on what to do and how to defend your case.

Common criminal defense strategies include arguing that the state’s case or the evidence they have is not true or that the state’s evidence does not rise to the burden in a criminal case, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are elements to crimes. Those elements make up what the crime is.

There may be two or three elements. There may be as many as four or five or six elements.

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NC Criminal Defense Lawyer Strategy

Carefully consider your next move

If the state fails to prove only one of those elements, then your case will be found not guilty or your charge may be dismissed.

Another common defense is the use of an alibi defense.

You put on evidence to establish that you were somewhere else in another location at another time when the crime could not have been committed by you.

Sometimes, that’s done directly by offering your own witnesses.

Sometimes, that’s done merely by cross-examining the witnesses from the state and then showing that there just couldn’t have been the possibility you committed the crime.

You may have a lot of questions about these things, so why don’t you give us a call?

I’m John Fanney. My phone number is (919)-617-7009. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about a criminal charge in Raleigh NC.

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