How do you defend criminal charges?

How do you defend criminal charges?

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Preparing a strategy, first I like to look at the big picture. I want to understand the facts.

I want to understand things from as many perspectives as I can get.

That would include my client’s perspective, the officer’s perspective, and eye witness perspectives.

Understanding the evidence is the very first thing to developing an effective strategy.

The specifics of this strategy, let’s just call those tactics instead of grand strategies.

We analyze cases carefully when defending criminal charges.  If you have a criminal case in Raleigh NC it’s important to begin collecting defense evidence immediately.  The first part of “strategy for a criminal case” is collecting evidence, reviewing arrest reports, and making sure important documents are preserved.

We don’t like to wait in defending a criminal case.  We want to aggressively pursue legal defenses to criminal charges – John Fanney

A good lawyer knows how to change his tactics.

I do it every day in court. I may come into court with some good idea about how I think this defense is going to work, but I have to be prepared for the inevitable, that things are going to change on me. I mean some of the very best lawyers in criminal defense work in court are able to pivot.

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They’re able to come into the case with a goal and then realize somewhere along the way their path to that goal needs to shift.

It may be a statement made by an officer that contradicts his own report. It may be two different witnesses talking about the same event in totally different ways.

A good lawyer looks at those things and we learn how to change the emphasis.

Effective criminal defense is no mistake.  Defending against criminal charges demands preparation, hard work, and dedication to helping people through difficult times – John Fanney

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It starts with understanding what the facts are. It starts with what law supports the defenses you may have, but when you get to court, the lawyer’s mind needs to be open.

I have to be ready to understand that I see something with the way the judge is making faces at certain things, or furrowing his brow, or cracking a smile.

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Whatever it may be, these are subtle hints that I look at and pick up on that tell me I need to be going somewhere else.

I may know that a particular officer isn’t good at doing certain things, so the first thing I may want to do is push that officer into testifying about things that he’s not comfortable with.

That gets the officer off balance. If I can get the officer worried about how he sounds, then the officer may start to make mistakes in things that he does every day.

Now, we’re not pulling a fast one or it’s not shady things. That’s the essence of going to trial and mounting good defenses.

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The state has an obligation to prove their case.

Witnesses have obligations to testify to things that they know and sound convincing when they do it. I often try to get people to sound like they’re not so sure about what they’re doing.

They may get the same question or the same fact out of them, I may get it four or five different ways and then suddenly I realize I have an out, I have a little thing I can go after that’s going to help me win a point with the judge.

Strategizing changes constantly.

It really doesn’t change until a judge says guilty or not guilty or a jury comes back with a verdict.

We do it every day. We do it a lot of different ways.

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