What is discovery in a criminal case?

What is discovery in a criminal case?

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I look for a lot of different things as far as evidence goes to start with.

I really like to get kind of the big picture to understand the factual scenario involved, and from there I start breaking it down.

For example, I may take things and take all the statements made by witnesses and arrange those according to who the witness is.

I then may take the police reports and arrange those by who made the reports. Sometimes I do it chronologically.

When it comes to preparing a defense for criminal charges in Raleigh NC we like to gather evidence.  In any criminal defense lawyers do their homework, plan, and then formulate defenses.

Sometimes that includes filing motions in court, challenging the arrest, or arguing reasonable doubt to a jury.

There are times when I look at one report and then compare it to another report so I can see the differences, because the differences between one officer’s observations and analysis and other officers can provide us with potential defenses and things where we can hang up and make impressions on a judge or a jury.

We then move on to other evidence, for example in DWI cases we look at blood test results, we look at breath test results.

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We look at documents that support all those things that we know as lawyers make those pieces of evidence admissible in court.

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Lawyers appreciate input when it comes to preparing a legal defense to your charges

While we’re reviewing all these things, we’re going through our minds and trying to figure out potential defenses.

If there’s something missing in an important piece of paperwork, we may be able to pick up on that and exclude evidence that could lead to you being found not guilty of a particular charge.

How we organize the evidence and how we review it and what we think of it really depends on the type of crime and what we’re trying to establish as a defense.

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