Will my case be continued?

Attorneys in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina are deemed “essential personnel.”

Indeed, criminal defense lawyers as CAN I GET MY CHARGES THROWN OUTofficers of the court are essential to the administration of justice and day-to-day operations.

The Wake County Courthouse remains open for certain types of pressing legal matters, including things like bond hearings, Chapter 50B Protective Orders, and what might otherwise be deemed “emergency-type” hearings for criminal charges.

We’re open for business. We’re still going to court, helping people with their legal needs – John Fanney, Raleigh Criminal Law 

If you have questions or a pressing legal matter, we recommend you call our law office now:  919-617-7009

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Will my case be continued?

During this time of personal distancing and restrictions, we may be able to alleviate some of the concerns about court dates and continuances.

There are some matters, like Domestic Violence Restraining Orders that may proceed forward even with Coronavirus protocols.

It’s better to confirm an upcoming court date and make sure a case can be continued.  A lot depends on the status in the proceedings and type of legal matter  – John Fanney, Raleigh Criminal Lawyers

Clearly, there have been changes to how we provide legal representation.  We can’t just “run down to the courthouse” to get a ticket reduced, file a Limited Driving Privilege, or strike an Order for Arrest (OFA).

There are procedures and protocols in place, limiting who can even enter the Wake County Courthouse and for what purposes they’re allowed go into the respective courtrooms.

Of course, that’s also true for the surrounding judicial districts in Johnston County NC, Edgecombe, Nash, and Wayne Counties where local rules set the procedures and protocols.

As such, the Fanney Law Firm strongly recommends you speak with an attorney immediately to determine whether your legal matter will be continued and/or whether you need to appear in court for a DVPO Domestic Violence Protective Order (50B).

Can my charges be thrown out?

Criminal charges in North Carolina are subject to timing requirements under the NC Criminal Laws, especially those pertaining to bond, bail, and conditions of release.

The Courts, in consultation with the various Offices of District Attorneys, Sheriffs’ Departments, and NC DPS – Department of Public Safety, considering concerns with transmitting the COVID-19 virus in jails, prisons, and intake facilities, have adopted temporary policies regarding early-release and custody issues.

We are living in extraordinary times.  Our courts will most certainly be affected in the long-term by shutdowns.

That does not necessarily mean every criminal charge can be dismissed or speeding ticket thrown out.

Certain criminal charges, those involving allegations of Murder, Manslaughter, Felony Death by Vehicle, will be actively prosecuted.

It’s as important as ever to receive sound legal advice from an experienced Raleigh lawyer about your criminal charges – John Fanney 

At the same time, there will be backlogs in the system.  There may be opportunities to negotiate older matters and chances for the State to clear possibly overwhelmed dockets.

Each case is different.

If you have questions about your criminal charges and whether options exist to participate in a deferred prosecution program, negotiate a plea, or enter into a Conditional Discharge, call John Fanney today to schedule a free consultation.

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