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Raleigh Larceny Defense Lawyers

Larceny Charges in Wake County

Larceny Charges A conviction of larceny, after either being found guilty after a trial or pleading guilty as part of a plea agreement, may prove to be more than a minor blemish on your name and reputation.

Not everyone thinks of larceny charges as a one-off mistake or bad decision.

Larceny in North Carolina is one of a category of offenses Raleigh criminal lawyers may refer to as crimes of moral turpitude. Such matters generally include allegations of dishonesty, theft, and/or fraud.

Conditions of punishment after a conviction, consistent with the Court entering a Judgment and Commitment, may include things such as:

  1. Jail / Prison
    1. Subject to Prior Record Level or “PRL”
  2. Probation
    1. Supervised Probation
    2. Unsupervised Probation
  3. Costs of Court
  4. Fines
  5. Restitution to the Victim(s)
  6. Community Service
    1. Community Service Fees
  7. Substance Abuse Assessment
  8. Treatment of Substance Abuse
  9. Mental Health Treatment
  10. Territorial Ban

Employers and the community may view someone convicted of larceny charges as a risk, a dishonest person, and not someone to be trusted.

Whether a felony or misdemeanor, a conviction for larceny may also adversely affect the ability to get accepted in college or advance your career.

“Some people focus on the immediate, worrying only about jail time. There is a lot to consider if you’ve been accused of shoplifting or unlawful concealment.”

– John Fanney, Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney

Our law office helps people facing serious criminal charges. We understand the consequences of both an arrest and conviction.

We take larceny charges in Raleigh very seriously. You should too!

It’s our considered opinion that a strong defense begins with preparation, research into the factual bases for the charges, and consideration of any legal options available.

That’s one reason we like to meet with clients as soon as possible to begin your defense strategy/plan.

Prior to speaking with law enforcement or loss prevention officers, we recommend anyone facing criminal charges consult with experienced legal counsel without delay.

Exercise your constitutional rights. Take the Fifth. Ask for a lawyer.

Larceny in Raleigh, NC

North Carolina, as one of the first 13 colonies, began under the Common Law and, to this day, still retains some vestiges of that system of criminal justice and law.

You may have heard of certain crimes of theft under the Common Law, including “Grand Theft Larceny” or "Petty Theft” or “Petty Larceny” or “Larceny by Trick.”

Larceny charges in North Carolina are now largely defined by the NC General Assembly and the NC Criminal Laws as set forth within the General Statutes.

N.C.G.S. § 14-72. covers felony or misdemeanor larceny charges, defining what is felony larceny and what is misdemeanor larceny.

Some felony larceny charges involve the value of the goods or property at issue. For example, if the stolen item is valued less than $1,000, ordinarily that would be a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

At the same time, there are felony larceny charges that don’t focus solely on the amount or value of the goods.

Certain felony larceny charges, as described in NCGS 14-72, may be categorized as a Class H Felony.

It can get pretty confusing, when certain misdemeanor larceny charges may rise to the level of criminal prosecution for habitual misdemeanor larceny, which is a felony in North Carolina.

NC Criminal Law § 14-72 provides a felony indictment (and prosecution) for 4 or more misdemeanor larceny convictions, felony larceny, and offenses “deemed as punishable as larceny under this section.”

What is larceny in North Carolina?

Each case, like each client, is individual and unique. If you have questions about the specific application of the criminal laws in your matter, call our team of defense lawyers to schedule a free legal consultation.

The State of North Carolina, in Wake County through the District Attorney’s in Wake County, bears the Burden of Proof to present sufficient evidence of things like:

  1. Taking or carrying away items of value, goods, or property
  2. Without legal authority or consent of the owner
  3. Intending to keep or permanently deprive the owner of their property
  4. Mens Rea or “evil mind”
    1. Larceny charges are Specific Intent Crimes
    2. Confusion or Legitimate Mistake may be legal defenses

Our role of defense lawyers includes sitting down with clients, asking questions, and working-out a best-case/worst-case scenario.

We want you to understand the criminal charges and any penalties possible, if convicted. We also want to determine whether the State can prove the case, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

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Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyers: Fanney Law Firm

misdemeanor larceny convictions Effective criminal defense strategies often begin with preparation and understanding the fact-pattern.

The presumption of innocence in our adversarial system of justice is a very real thing. We help explain what they face, working hard to provide sound legal advice during times of need – John Fanney, Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

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